We are relieved!

Life at the Swedish Research Institutes in the Mediterranean region is back to normal. Our work continues as before and our Government is not threatening us any longer. We are relieved and still more grateful to all our colleagues and friends who stood up for us and demanded a withdrawal of the budget proposal, which would have put an end to the annual state funding of the institutes by 2017.

In a courtesy letter to the Government (below), the Directors of the institutes in Istanbul, Athens, Rome and San Michele (Capri), elaborate on a few points as examples of the significance of the activities and representation offered by the institutes:

With their facilities abroad, the four institutes constitute “second campuses” of universities and research environments in Sweden and to some extent also other Nordic countries. They play a prominent role in the internationalization of higher education and research. In close cooperation with Swedish diplomatic missions, our research institutes contribute to the promotion of Sweden from the point of view of both science and culture. Et cetera.

It is wonderful to be back on the right track again!
Letter to the Swedish Government, in Swedish, 2 December, 2014:


Institutet auditoriet



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