Given the current research program under the title of “Silk Road Studies in Memory of Gunnar Jarring”, our field of activities has been expanded from Central Asian Studies in the present-day sense of this expression to studies devoted to a broader geo-cultural sphere, including Turkey and the Turkic world as a whole. Our affiliation to research environments in Stockholm as well as Istanbul, which I have written about earlier on this blog, will henceforth be reflected in the name of the program, which changes to the “Stockholm-Istanbul Program for Central Asian and Turkic Studies”; SIPCATS.

Last year, as I was still Director of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, we published a book on renewed history writing among Turkic populations in the post-Soviet era, with contributions by scholars invited to participate in our former SIPCAS program.

A more recent book written in Swedish for a wider academic and non-academic audience is a collection of essays in Turkic cultural history with comments on contemporary sociopolitical conditions.

More information about these two publications can be obtained from the links noted below:



You are also most welcome to join us on our new Facebook pages , one for the SIPCATS program in general and the other devoted to our ongoing digitization project for materials from the Gunnar Jarring Central Eurasia Collection at SRII/Istanbul.



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