After my previous announcement of the forthcoming Kashgar Revisited: Uyghur Studies in Memory of Gunnar Jarring, I have been asked about the contents of this volume. Here is the list of chapters:


Kashgar Revisited
Uyghur Studies In Memory of Ambassador Gunnar Jarring

Edited by
Ildikó Bellér-Hann
Birgit N. Schlyter
Jun Sugawara


List of Illustrations
A Note on Transliteration and Spelling

In the Footsteps of Ambassador Gunnar Jarring

I. Language:

Chapter 1.
Birgit N. Schlyter
From the Private Library of Gunnar Jarring and His New Eastern Turki Dictionary

Chapter 2.
Arienne Dwyer
Manuscript Technologies, Writing and Reading in Early 20th- Century Kashgar

Chapter 3.
Äsäd Sulaiman
From Eastern Turki to Modern Uyghur: A Lexicological Study of Prints from the Swedish Mission Press in Kashgar (1892–1938)

Chapter 4.
Abdurishid Yakup
The Khotan Varieties of Uyghur as Seen in Jarring’s Transcription

II. History

Chapter 5.
Takahiro Onuma
The 1795 Khoqand Mission and Its Negotiations with the Qing. Political and Diplomatic Space of Qing Kashgaria

Chapter 6.
Eric Schluessel
Muslims at the Yamen Gate: Translating Justice in Late-Qing Xinjiang

Chapter 7.
Jun Sugawara
Models and Realities: Aspects of Format in Real Estate Deeds under Conditions of Legal Pluralism in Xinjiang Province

Chapter 8.
Alexandre Papas
Muslim Reformism in Xinjiang: Reading the Newspaper Yengī Ḥayāt (1934–1937)

Chapter 9.
Fredrik Fällman
Defining the Past and Shaping the Future: Reflections on Xinjiang Narratives, Uyghur-Han-Hui Relations and the Perspectives of Research’

III. Religion

Chapter 10.
Thierry Zarcone
Writing the Religious and Social History of Some Sufi Lodges in Kashgar in the 20th Century

Chapter 11.
Rahile Dawut
Ordam Mazar: A Meeting Place for Different Practices and Belief Systems in Culturally Diverse Xinjiang

Chapter 12.
Chris Hann and Ildikó Bellér-Hann
Magic, Science and Religion in Xinjiang

IV. Anthropology

Chapter 13.
Rune Steenberg
“Keep the Wealth within the Family”: Cousin Marriage and Swedish Uncles in Kashgar

Chapter 14.
Dilmurat Mahmut and Joanne Smith Finley
‘A Man Works on the Land, A Woman Works for Her Man’: Building on Jarring’s Fascination with Eastern Turki Proverbs





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